Monday , 11 November 2019

4 Secrets How To Learn English

Identify the tense. Not only this will give you the power to understand what others are saying but also you will be able to understand their stuff in a sensible way. Whenever you listen to something in English just try to figure it out the tense of the sentence and very soon you will get fun while learning.


Listening is a fine art and if you understand this, it will give you enormous power to perceive how a sentence can be framed or spoken. So you must listen. As I was telling you to identify the tenses. And answer with the same phrase how will you do that if you are not listening attentively.

Read all the hoarding and Advertisements at the public place. This will give you a good set of words as well as you will learn the spelling of words if you read every day or on a regular basis. You would get new words and it will penetrate in your mind.