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The actor, musician, designer, has a hard time experiencing a childhood, stormy love life and Gomez who is standing upright despite health problems. There are people with ten tricks on their fingers, and Selena Gomez is such a personality.

Wizards of Waverly Place was only 15 years old when he was world-renowned for his role in the name series. In 2013 he released his first solo album, Stars Dance. Spring Breakers, which he shared with James Franco in the same year, revealed that he was also assertive in Hollywood.

Of course, the love that I had with Justin Bieber influenced Gomez's popularity in Instagram with 135 million followers and a whole generation generation. The health problems as well as the love of the famous artist were also discussed. In the past year, kidney transplant surgery has also enabled the singer, who is 25 years old, to talk a lot.

The intersection of Gomez and our way has become fashionable. The young star designed axles for the Coach brand during the autumn-winter season.

But he took one more step for the spring-summer season, and this year he made a big business deal involving the whole collection of paltodan footwear from the outfit to the clothes.

With beautiful artist, fashion, Harvey Nichols and Galeries Lafayette, we talked about his private collection and life:

We are at a time when you are on the agenda again. This new collection, on the one hand, is the filming of Rainy Day in New York named Filmin on Woody Allen. How are you, is everything okay for you?

I am very good. Even more important, I am healthy. I was in New York for filming. Your city has plenty of fun.

On the other hand, you have created a collection for a big brand.

Yes we did a good job with Stuart Vevers, creative director of the Coach brand. Before I met him yet, I read many beautiful things about him in the magazines. After the offer, I saw that he and the whole team are a family. I was really lucky.

You are the face of various brands, and you have collaborations. You are a name close to fashion. How do you interpret your own style?

I have a casual, simple and unpretentious clothing style. It seems to me that there is not much difference between going to the sport or when I'm in the sport.

Coach is a famous brand with shoes and bags, and you are also faced with the brand ...

I love both the shoes and the bags. It's impossible to complete the outfit without wearing good shoes, is not it? I was very keen on backpacks when I was younger. The bags I bought always have a memory for me.

You are a recognized name worldwide. When you were very young, you got the reputation. Do you understand that you think you missed anything?

There were a lot of moments I thought I would feel if I had been questioning my life and if it had not been so different. But now I am only in a period when I am thankful for everything I have. "I wish I had a completely different life," I never was. I have never had such a way of thinking and disdain. I am in a period where I now have the reputation, how I protect my own space, and how the system works. I think I'm a little more fearless than the old man. I paid a certain price to have the present moment.

You are a powerful and inspiring woman. Who is the woman who inspires you?

Meryl Streep. I have always been one of the women I have inspired. It's both very elegant and always like herself. He is a very successful artist and very confident in himself.

Many people are declaring their ideas about your career? Who are you to consult?

I try to get suggestions and information about their lives from people I respect and see as examples. Questions to ask teachers, coaches, managers. I get inspiration, share ideas. But I try to keep people who are regularly positive. I'm like everyone else. I have a job and because of this job I am only known more. I've been conscious of this since the first day. But for this reason, it is in my life that I will never draw me down and hold down those who will upset me. I do not think anyone knows exactly what I'm living in, what I feel.
That's why I give 100% of the idea anyone gives me.


You're the queen of social media. On the one hand you have such a great power in social media and on the other hand how do you manage to protect your private life and yourself?

Instagram is a very powerful medium. From there I have the chance to say everything about myself firsthand. Instead of a thousand nonsensical stories about me, people have the chance to learn what I think and feel about my topic. Instagram is a great area of ​​freedom for me as it gives me the chance to be honest with myself. I do not control and publish what I want to be private and confidential about myself. But looking at it, people are not in social media, they are trying to act like someone else. Of course it's pretty scary.