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The “Self ” as a Communicative Identity

One reason the term “face” is attractive in communicative studies is that it leaves open the question of who is the “real” person underneath the face which is presented in communication. That deeper question is ultimately a question of psychology or, perhaps, philosophy, and we will not go further into it. Nevertheless, it is important to point out now that there may be significant cultural differences in the assumptions made about the “self ” that is involved in communication. The idea of “self ” which underlies western studies of communication is highly individualistic, self-motivated, and open to ongoing negotiation. We believe that this concept of the “self ” is not entirely appropriate as the basis for Asian communication. There is reason to believe that the “self ” projected by Asians is a more collectivistic “self ,” one which is more connected to membership in basic groups such as the family or one’s working group and which is taken to be more strongly under
the influence of assumed or unmarked cultural assumptions about face.

You will prepare your tooth stones at home and it is now possible to destroy them with natural blends. In people who consume coffee and cigarettes, dental plaques become dark yellow.

Since plaque causes tooth decay and tooth loss, it is necessary to take measures at the beginning. You can destroy your teeth at home in a few ways. Here is a natural blend of recipes that will destroy your tooth stones that you can prepare at home.

How To Remove Dental Stones To look good, one of the most basic qualities should look good on the teeth. Even if I brush twice a day every day, there is a problem like tooth stones due to many reasons that are not available.

How do we get rid of these stones. Here is a natural way of coming to you like medicine. The easy way to prepare at home is to make your teeth look more beautiful and healthy:


* 2 soup spoon lunar core
* 2 tablespoons marinade lemon juice
* Half liter of water


* Put all materials in an aluminum cabinet and boil for one hour. You can apply the mixture by brushing your teeth 5 times a month.


Another method is to drench your toothbrush in an apple cork and brush and brush your teeth with a toothbrush. In addition to these, oral care should be done on a daily basis. Take care to get toothpicks with natural content. Of course, most importantly, do not forget to visit your dentist regularly for your dental care.

Dental cleaning is also known as tartar cleaning, detertrage. It is the process of cleaning the tooth stones which can be noticed on the teeth with the yellow or brownish color which is formed by the hardening of the bacteria plaque on the teeth. Your dentist first decides whether you need to perform a more advanced cleaning, such as standard tooth cleaning or gum disease, by performing an intraoral examination.

In standard dental cleaning, your dentist cleans dentures, wastes, plaques from your teeth and from your gum line. Then, with a special cake, polishes each tooth to polish it. Finally, if necessary, it cleans some of your teeth with a dental floss and gives you advice and suggestions on using dental floss and brushing.