Monday , 11 November 2019

Dining Among Stars, Troika Sky Dining

Cantaloupe, the first Troika Sky Dining establishment by Christian Bauer and Eddie Chew, opened in 2013 to rave reviews. Nearly six years later, the fine dining gem continues to surprise, offering up beautifully crafted menus and a carefully curated wine selection.


Cantaloupe sits on level 23A of the Norman Foster-designed luxury tower, The Troika. Emerging from the lift, guests will be awestruck by the views below and ahead as they traverse the glass-walled passageway to the dining hall. The soaring floor-to-ceiling windows of the double-height dining area afford sweeping views of KLCC Park and the city skyline. The minimalist interior design, with a water feature and a black-and-white theme to the table settings, is a stylishly discreet backdrop to the view.

But what are pleasing interiors if there is no substance to the food? At Cantaloupe, eclectic ingredients and cooking styles merge to produce dishes that are a feast for the eyes and taste buds. For his latest, Executive Chef Bauer has crafted an eight-course degustation menu (RM380++) that kicks o  with seafood – Pearls of Oscietra caviar, followed by a luscious oyster and then the classic lobster bisque, a favourite that never fails to please. An elegant slice of pan-seared parrot fish rounds up the ‘fruits of the sea’ courses before guests are served foie gras cubes, with hints of local satay flavors in its peanut sauce and pandan rice crispiest.

Even the palate cleanser, a delicately sour yogurt and cherry soda sorbet, is a delightful testament to the discerning taste and skill of the chef. Having put themselves in safe hands, the only choice guests need to make is to decide between the filet mignon or duck breast for the seventh course, and to select an accompanying wine if one is imbibing.

Troika Sky Dining venues appeal to diverse palates. For a more casual experience, there is Fuego, with its focus on tapas and grilled meats, or Strato, a family-friendly Italian bistro. And as the sun sets, there is no better place to be than at Coppersmith, the craft cocktail bar, or at Claret, the wine bar, to watch day drift into night.