Monday , 11 November 2019

Download Kankor Examination Results 2019

The Ministry of Higher Education has announced that the Kankor exams result (Afghanistan’s nationwide university entrance exam) for the year 2019 will be announced on Wednesday afternoon.


برای دانلود اینجا را کلیک کنید

The Ministry further added that the results of individuals who attain first to fifth positions in the exam will be announced at the conference in the ministry.

In general, the Kankor of the year 2019 had the participation of more than 200000 people. Recently, National Kankor Examination Department had said that, with the announcement of the result of the exam, more than 80000 applicants will be accepted in government higher education institutions, 49000 other applicants to government mid-higher education institutes and 126596 students will be introduced to private higher education institutes.

Ahmad Rashid earned highest marks in the exam with 350.251. He will study medics in Herat province.

Syed Sajad Hussain followed him with 346.84. He will also study medics in Kabul.

Qasim Ali secured the third position as he scored 345.164 marks. He will study economics in Kabul.