Monday , 11 November 2019

Troy Museum Has Been Opened

Troy ancient city that is a crucial milestone in the Anatolian and Mediterranean civilization history with its thousands years old past, that inspires poets with it story and deeply effects the archaeological world with its discoveries, was listed in 1998 in the UNESCO world heritage list.


2018 continues with various celebration activities of the 20th registration anniversary of the ancient city as “world heritage”. the most important development recorded under this cultural heritage, was the opening of the troy museum at the end of the previous month, that is a nominee to be listed among world’s most important contemporary archaeology museums.

The museum hosts two thousand works found during Troy and Troas excavations, each valued as cultural treasure. It is located on a large area within the boundaries of today’s Çanakkale Tevfikiye village, on the entrance of troy ancient city, also known as “the place where the Trojan war took place” as mentioned in Iliad of Homeros.

In the project process of the museum, part of the Trojan treasure that was located abroad, were given back to the geography they belonged. it is expected that the opening of the troy museum will become an important threshold in receiving back the other artworks exhibited in different foreign museums.