Which 3 Words Describe Your Character?

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What is the character?

Character refers to aspects of your person that are assessed by others in relation to social, ethical or moral criteria.

The character is not only a social layer in narrative-related texts, but a self-representing hero. The character is seen in his narrative texts with his inner world, his personality, his face not resembling others. Even though the character shows similar / common behaviors with other heroes, it is separated from other heroes with the emotions, reactions, words, etc. that hit them out.

The most important difference between type and character is seen in representation power; because the type, the social dimension, the antagonistic interest, and the social state, event or phenomena to which it belongs are processed on it. However, the character is treated as an individual; contradictions, bitterness, happiness, dead ends belong only to herself and are confined to herself.

For example; Çolak Saleh in his novel Küçük AÄŸa returns to AkÅŸehir as he lost a branch from the Arabian side. At first it is desperate, bedbind, thinks it will not work, puts itself down. Once the national struggle begins, it gains confidence, learns to use a single arm with a gun, and becomes one of the important heroes of the national combat.

The character is shaped by the adoption of the value judgments of the society in which it lives since its earliest ages. Man does not imitate value judgments exactly in certain situations. The idiom applies in its own way as long as the values ​​it integrates with itself are compared with the relevant situations. There is consistency between such behavior and character properties. For example, human beings can not be both honest and liar.

If there is conformity between values ​​and behaviors adopted, person is character. Among the people, "essence promise one", "promise suited to the instrument", "words of the word" such as idioms, are characteristics of the person with character. Incompatibility between values ​​and behaviors is an indication of the lack of character. There is no consistency in the behavior of such people.

Among the people, such terms as "a promise does not hold a word", "idioms can not come to the rope", and "liars", "fraudulent", "two-faced" expresses the insecurity of such people.
Honesty, tolerance, patience, and character traits. Intelligent, talented, enthusiastic, introverted, authoritarian, quarrelsome, sociable characteristics are personality traits.