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What do the celebrities' tattoos mean?

Nowadays, tattoos are fashion when they say the clothes of the celebrities, the hair models, the shoes, the bags, Here are the tattoos and meanings of the celebrities.

If we look for the indispensable names we follow in lifestyle, we have to look at their tattoos. Whose numbing tattoo covers the whole body, it makes a lot of sense out of who's tiny beating. Come on, let me decipher the passwords together!


Obviously it is not possible to have flashy tattoos because Bella Hadid is modeled. Hadid, who had a mini wing tattoo behind his ankle shortly after Victoria's Secret became angel, made quite a sound with the tattooist JonBoy sharing it with his Instagram account.


Zayn Malik's day-to-day growing of tattoos is unlikely to catch up. Malik, who is passionately attached to their tattoos, saw that he had 2 4 17 under the letters of SGT in his past, which he shared from his Instagram account. We solved this password in a short time between the lotus flower in the left arm and the flag. We are witnessing how much his singing is linked to Malik's singing, which is the single that he has released in recent days, which has got the initials of Still Got Time and the beating date of the release date.

Malik's tight pursuits, caught in the camera early in 2017, immediately recognized his new beating. The fan of the famous singer, who prints "Love" on his right hand, thinks he does it to Gigi.

In a photo of Selena Gomez sharing a Revival concert tour in 2016, we noticed another share that the Sunshine tattoo, which attracted the attention of fans, was the nickname of Gomez's grandmother. In an interview he gave, he said that this tattoo was the seventh tattoo and that Gomez said that this number would increase.

The symbol, similar to the punctuated virgin symbol, is used to mean mental health consciousness and suicide prevention.


If the models are unlucky enough, they should not be able to do whatever tattoos they want. Jenner's solution, which insisted on this issue, favored the white tattoos. Jenner, who had a small white dot and a broken heart between his fingers, said in an interview that he listened to his brother Kim Kardashian. Jenner, relatively fit to the phrase "Never stick a sticker on a Bentley," has his tattoos done by places that are not to be seen. Nevertheless, Kendall Jenner, who pushes the boundaries about tattooing, printed "Meow" into his lower body. Jonathan Valena (nicknamed JonBoy), who is very popular among famous names, is also always a favorite tattooist of Jenner.


There are not enough pages to start describing each of Miley Cyrus, who attracts attention with his crazy tattoos. Cyrus, who reconciles with his ex-lover, Liam Hemsworth, has made his 46th beating a barrel of Vegemite's favorite pasta, his lover's favorite snack.

His humorous photograph of Cyrus, who has a water drop near his middle finger, is among his favorite tattoos.

We all know very well the value he has given to his father, who is the pioneer in starting his career, but we are also very curious why he has his "father" writing under his feet.


We can also see traces of this in David Beckham's body, which has amazed himself with his fondness for the family. In 1999, when his 99-year-old wife Victoria Beckham was married to his right-handed little finger, his son Brooklyn was born.