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Places to visit in 2022

The Lonely Planet magazine explained the best travel routes for 2022. Among the cities that can be visited is Spain's Seville. Oslo, Mexico, Detroit, Michigan.

There is little time left for this year to end. Plans for the new year have already begun. "New business", "New hobbies" when the travel points are determined. Lonely Planet Magazine has also joined this point and lists cities that can be visited in 2018. Here are 10 to 1 travel destinations for 2018:

10. Oslo - Norway:
Norway - Oslo: 2018 is a good year to go to the Norwegian capital. In 2018 Oslo will celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary of the king and queen, while the opera house of the city will celebrate its 10th anniversary. So in 2018 there will be many concerts in the city, with numerous cultural events.

9. Mexico - Guanajuato:
Mexico - Guanajuato: There are many old buildings and many museums in the city which is very much appreciated. All you need is a map. Guanajuato, with its narrow streets, colorful buildings, is one of the most beautiful trips of 2018.

8. Puerto Rico - San Juan:
Puerto Rico- San Juan: A magnificent city with unspoiled beaches, food, art galleries and museums. You can spend hours wandering around the cobblestone streets. Although traces of the hurricane are not erased, the city will turn into an old color in 2018 with restructuring efforts.

7. Matera - Italy:
Matera: Matera, a 9-thousand-year-old cave city in southern Italy, is like a giant labyrinth of stone houses, monasteries and churches. Traveling in 2018, the city expected to become the European Capital of Culture in 2019, may be the right choice.

6. Antwerp - Belgium:
Antwerp - Belgium: Architecture, art and a city of Baroque style Antwerp. There is a very interesting fact about Antwerp: this is the city of the famous painter Rubens. So when you come to Antwerp, you have to see something about it.

5. Kaohsiung - Taiwan:
Kaohsiung - Taiwan: This port city is filled with many activities. For a true Taiwan experience, you can visit the Liuhe Night Market and go around with the modern light rail system. You can take walks along the banks of the Love River, and have an afternoon tea.

4. Hamburg - Germany:
Hamburg - Germany: The newly built Elbifilahnon Concert Hall, costing 790 million Euros, is a reason to visit Hamburg in 2018. This room has been completed for years, glass walls are worth seeing. The city that hosts restaurants along the Elbe River is convenient for sightseeing.

3. Canberra - Australia:
Canberra - Australia: 2018 is important for this city. The city will host cricket matches between Australia and Sri Lanka and will be the scene of events for the 100th anniversary of the 1st World War mute. The city is full of cultural, gastronomic experiences filled with many iconic symbols.

2. Detroit-Michigan:
Detroit- Michigan: Detroit has a cityscape that sparkles with its artistic richness and the automotive industry, as well as its natural parks, architecture, river terrain, warm and beautiful neighborhoods.

1. Seville - Spain:
Seville - Spain: Seville in the south of Spain is an ideal and fun place for cycling. This city celebrates the 400th anniversary of Bartolomé Esteban Murillo in 2018. Seville is also hosting the 31st European Film Awards.