Who loves you the most in your Family?

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They make you want to tear your hair out sometimes, while others they make you laugh more than anyone else could. They give you support, although there are times when they refuse to, and it makes you want to slam every door in the house. They do everything for you and sometimes, you don't always show your gratitude, but that won't stop them from loving you.

This is your family. The very people who can either bring you great joy or great pain. We all have different families, not to mention for some people their friends are their family, which is not a bad thing at all. Despite how unique each person's own family may be, there is one thing all have in common that fits them under the category of a family. That one thing is love — which can ultimately result in either wanting to fight loud enough for the neighbors to hear, or to give out hugs.

It is often said we cannot choose our family, which I find to be a rather false statement — and I'm sure many others would agree with me. The person who has grown up with a family that never really showed care for them or constantly teared them down may instead choose the friends who never gave up on them and offered them major support. We can most certainly choose our family because ultimately, human beings want to choose the people who have unfailingly shown their love for them. For some people, those who loved them the most have been friends. And that is OK because it is better to surround yourself with a loving, non-blood related family than with a toxic group of actual kin who treat you the very opposite of how they expect to be treated. As Gigi Kaesar said, "Love makes a family," not just the people you share genetics with. However, do remember that with the blood family you do have, you cannot change them in the sense of "choosing your family," and you have to come to accept them just as they accept you — unless they are harmful enough for you to need to distance yourself.