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Age of Realism in Fashion

Helmut Lang and model-driven New York cab drivers, photos of Balenciaga and Yeezy's new season in paparazzi style, Vetements fashion with tourists on Zurich's streets ...
Or is fashion out of its own orbit? Are not you turning around in perfect fashion and glorious fashion weeks? Is it in the age of realism that normal people are heroes?

In 2010, when Instagram entered my life, we should have understood that nothing would be like the old one. Because the same period was leading to a brand new supermodel movement. Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista and Carla Bruni were not kept on hand because they could only carry their clothes perfectly.

At the same time they had wonderful personalities and lives close to perfection. But the new supermodels that Cara Delevingne is heading are people who can share their most special moments in Instagram, posing with their funniest facial expressions and not hesitating to show their flaws. That's how the 'new individualization age' that surrounds the whole world began ...

We are now more compassionate toward ourselves, more tolerant of our faults, more realistic against the fact of life. Now on fashion brands. There was something sinking in the new generation of models that did not hide their flaws: the perfect outfits on them, and the retouching fashion shots that were unlike those shared on social media. For this reason, we shifted our interest from the campaign frames that brands provided to us to the celebrities we named in Instagram. They were now interacting more than official social media accounts. Of course, the fashion houses are delaying making a new decision: they would be more real now.


The markers sail in different directions when they bundle up the naturalness search and decide to resell us. The Vetements went out of the closed group of clubbers, who liked to rave parties, which he had previously identified. From the German tourist, the Milano style owner, Leydiye decided to address a very large audience for the security officer's office in charge of IT. She added a few clever details to the ordinary people's everyday clothes. Inspired by the 'normality' of the season, Zürich's design office was also carried out with tourists on the streets of Zurich.

With the brand's permanent stylist Lotta Volkova, they always imitate magazine models that have been digged into their minds and have migrated into their belly, glance, stomach. The result was very interesting. Because these people; everyone he came across, perhaps his waist-panty uncle, who was embarrassed to have strolled around the resort, or he was wearing sports shoes under his business team every day. Meanwhile, the brand was found on a radical move and withdrawn from Paris Fashion Week. Instead, he explained that one day in the men's fashion week, he would perform the event instead of the fashion show.

The withdrawal from fashion weeks and the trend to promote the season with different events were spreading in the same period as part of the modal realist view. Thom Browne, Proenza Schouler, Rodarte, Altuzarra, and Alexander Wang, who signed the last franchise in New York in February, either either giving up on defenses or throwing themselves in Paris with a better future or replacing fashion shows with parties, exhibitions, performances Among the names that choose the path.

Helmut Lang thought it was time to repeat an old campaign in the light of this naturalization movement. Helmut Lang, who was the first luxury brand to use the advertising panels carried by New York taxis in 1998, wore the cabs along with the cabs this time. The Helmut Lang sweatshirt taxi driver with a price tag of around $ 300 would have wanted the designer to say that every individual is valuable. Thus, many people were deserving of more than they deserved.

Balenciaga, who shares Demna Gvasalia with the same creative name as Vetements, descended deep into the depths of psychology and inspired paparazzi by inspiration. Ever since they appeared in the French Riviera in the '60s, the paparazzi squares, where even the best of our hearts are seen, are like the beacon of today's street fashion. And they are not being used for the first time for advertising campaigns. Jimmy Choo was in 2005, Dior (with Mila Kunis) in 2012 and Michael Kors was in the same league in 2017. "Well, why are we talking Baleciaga?" your lesson, the answer campaign looks more realistic and ordinary.

The same theme was successfully used by Kanye West, a marketing guru this season. West, who sells himself with the message "I'm not rapper WilWden you know," with style-worn outfits, now offers the Yeezy collections of cotton cotton tracksuits: "Not from the tracksuit you know, because Kim Kardashian is wearing it and it's very sexy." West has given up on sensational deficits he did in previous seasons, using Kim Kardashian, his most important asset this season. Kardashian posed for paparazzi-inspired squares wearing Yeezy's 6th season outfit. When you go to McDonalds, you get gas from your everyday life (like! Of course, it was just part of the job. Afterwards, the models that resemble Kardashian as the clone give the same poses, signing the second step of the campaign. There was even Paris Hilton among these girls. So the world is reversed. He liked the poses of Kardashian likes, the likes and dislikes of many, and he liked the fame, and even gave them the hope that we could take part in their campaigns. In the meantime, Carine Roitfeld realized the styling of the shot which gave a very crude impression.


When we look at the shots of fashion houses today, we are often faced with the use of natural light, the choice of multicolored, racial, national cast that everybody can find something for themselves, and a healthy body image. Fashion is losing popularity of models such as the incomparable podium dream and goddess for weeks. Because in the age of selfie we have realized that no imitation is perfect and now the perfected squares are wondering. We also expect to see the same human air in fashion houses. This expectation shows us as the brands we give to brands. When the success of social media was indexed as 'like', fashion houses began to compare the deficits they had with their budget and the PR turn that they got. Chanel, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, and more for the success of their licensed product groups. Because the more glamorous they are, the more accessible product groups they sell - sunglasses, perfumes, watches - are so successful. Today, these products are actually the biggest income gates of brands. After all, they will continue to grow their shows just as they have grown their campaigns.

Another designer community that will continue with the defeats will be young people who want to find themselves in fashion groups like LVMH and Kering. Just like Proenza Schouler and Christopher Kane, who have recently invested in such investments, have thrown their bags into the Paris Fashion Week.

But for the rest of the brands to sit on the curve and speak correctly; fashion week does not offer much egalitarian atmosphere. If you come to a wrong day (for example, a sweethearted, prestigious brand shows a show on the other side of the world), you might be throwing money away for the fashion show. Or you can not find any places in social media because you do not add Instagram fame to the defensive. Sometimes your collection can be turned into 'inspiration' by a big brand because it does not find enough space in the media. It seems like there are many examples we have recently followed from Diet Prada's named Instagram account.

Well, is fashion going out of orbit to not return again in the period of new realism? Will fashion take weeks off the literature? Will fountains published simultaneously on the Internet be a solution? See now, buy now will collections get success? Finally; did your fashion shootings dazzle your eyes? The answer to the problem is actually hidden inside: an industry that is breathing through a fashion loop, fed by recycling. That is, it is likely that the polyphonic place will be replaced by a single mold, to the hanger models of the characteristic models of Instagram, and to the realism stream of perfect glory.